Chavan Group’s Dairy Segment Unit 1 was established for the collection, processing and distribution of milk at Gat no. 23, at post Limpangaon, Kashti, Ahmednagar. The firm was primarily a rented facility and it was utilized as a chilling and storage plant. However, with enormous support from milk aggregators, experience of Mr. Dhondiram B. Chavan, Mr. Satish D. Chavan planned to buyout the firm and run a processing plant along with chilling. Till date, the company has good reputation among farmers and in the dairy industry of Maharashtra.

The capacity of the unit is 2,00,000 litres per day of milk handling. The main activity of the firm is to process and sell branded milk under the name “Pratibha” in the market.

Chavan Group’s Dairy Segment Unit 2 is set up at Gat no. 5/2 and 5/3, at post Rampur, Jath, (Sangli). Unit 2 is into business of Milk Processing, Packaging and selling branded packaged milk and milk by-products like Ghee and Butter. The setup had an initial milk processing capacity of 25,000 LPD and now the firm has expanded its capacity to 1,75,000 LPD.

The firm also manufactures milk by-products like Ghee and Butter (8 Tonnes per day) and 50,000 LPD of packaged drinking water. The future expansion plan of this unit is to install Skimmed Milk Powder manufacturing machine and Condensed Milk manufacturing plant. The state-of-the-art plant is constructed as per US-FDA norms.

Chavan Group’s Dairy Segment Unit no. 3 is located in Panhala, Kodoli (Kolhapur district) which is known for its Pure Milk area in the state. There are 3 sugarcane factories in the surrounding area and the soil in the province of Kolhapur is considered to be very rich and fertile. These 2 factors directly and indirectly help in nurturing good health of milch animals which in turn enriches the dairy business.

The company is into business of Milk Processing, Packaging and Milk by-products. It has milk processing capacity of 4,00,000 LPD. The installed capacity of Skimmed Milk Powder is 12 Tonnes per day and that of Ghee/Butter is 15 Tonnes Per day. The plant is strategically positioned at Kolhapur to cater the needs of 3 States – Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Chavan Group’s Dairy Segment Unit 4 is into the business of processing milk. It procures milk from farmers, chilling centers and co-operative societies. It has well designed milk procurement process in place. It has 3 Chilling plants located in the radius of 50-60 Km i.e. Nipani (50000 LPD) to capture the  Northern Karnataka area. This network of BMC (bulk milk cooler) enables the firm to have regular milk procurement since there is hardly any milk collection and chilling center or milk processing unit in the nearby area. It has a capacity of 1,00,000 LPD including BMCs.

Chavan Group’s Dairy Segment Unit 5 is proposed to set up in Mangalwedha, Solapur. The proposed site is very close to Pandharpur, a religious pious for many devotees in Maharashtra and other parts of India. The name of Pandharpur came from old Marathi word – Pandhra which is referred to the colour of milk. Abundant quality of milk is available in the neighboring area for processing 1.5 Lac Liters of milk each day along with production of Ghee/Butter upto 8 Tonnes Each Day. The company is proposed to be commence by September, 2016.

Chavan Group
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