From Chairman’s Desk

From Chairmans Desk

Chavan Group of Companies has laid its foundation in the year 2002 and has been thriving on the strength of its farmers base and factories located in the rich basin of the country. Chavan Group has seen tremendous growth in the past with a Sales CAGR of 75% each annual year and would continue to grow multifold times in the future.Chavan Group is currently procuring, processing and distributing around seven lakh liters of milk each day from its various units located at Maharashtra and Karnataka. Group has ventured in various milk by-products like Ghee, Butter, Flavored Milk, Paneer, Khava, Skimmed Milk Powder, Shrikhand, Aamrakhand and Packaged Milk. Also, Group is benefitting from its increased customer base in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Dubai.

Chavan Group has spread its wings in Ready-made Garment manufacturing as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility towards the farmers. The unit is set up in the Jath, Sangli wherein group has employed 50+ females for stitching various garments and supplying it to Pantaloons, AFL, Nirvana Fashion Clothing etc to name a few. Group is planning to hire 500+ females from surrounding areas and develop a huge Garment Park in the same premises.

Chavan Group has made its presence in the field of Packaged Drinking Water Bottle and Pet bottles. Group is selling its products to Maharashtra State Road and Transport Corporation, and in local Market under the brand name “Pratibha”,”Billori”.

This successful history of last decade is clear indication of loyal support and sustainability from our farmers located around our factory locations, Our Directors, other Milk suppliers, ever increasing Customer base, Bankers and our dedicated employees. Our hard core Middle Management and set of Directors are striving forces to thrust Chavan Group to all together a new Level. With novel ideas and pioneering transformations taking place in Chavan Group, I along with my team would like to promise a prosperous and affluent future.

It is rightly said by someone that,
Good, Better, Best, Never Let it Rest,
Unit your good is better, And yourbetter is best.


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